About me

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I’m a PhD candidate at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, working on Causal Inference and Natural Language Processing (NLP). My PhD advisor is Prof. Roi Reichart and I also work closely with Prof. Uri Shalit.

My research seeks to develop methods that integrate causality into natural language processing, and use them to build linguistically-informed algorithms for predicting and understanding human behavior. Deep language models are powerful prediction machines that seem to be improving on a daily basis. They have reached super-human performance on tasks that seemed impossible only a few years ago. Unfortunately, this improvement has resulted in unimaginably large models that do not take into account the world they are operating in, and are both brittle and hard to interpret. My goal is to address such concerns using causal inference, to allow us to use these models to better predict and understand human behavior. Through the paradigm of causal machine learning, I aim to build bridges between machine learning and the social sciences.

I’m currently also a visiting researcher at Google Research, where I work on methods that leverage Causality for Medical NLP.

Please check out our EMNLP 2021 workshop on Causal Inference and Natural Language Processing!